March 31, 2016, in Los Angeles, a presentation of a new electric vehicle from the company Tesla, which was called Model 3. This model was the third in the current lineup of the manufacturer, joining the larger Model S and the Model X crossovers. Externally, the new Tesla Model 3 (2017-2018) looks like a smaller copy of the older Model S, especially in the sidewalls. But the front end here is completely different with other head optics and a complete lack of a falshradiator grating, which is an electric car in general, without any need. Tesla’s catalog In the front bumper there are diode navigation lights and a small air intake from below, behind the Tesla Model 3 stands out with original lanterns and trunk lid, and the saloon of the electric car, according to the manufacturer, is able to provide enough space and comfort for five people. Interior decoration is done in a minimalist style, the steering wheel is made in a sporty manner with a truncated rim, and the company’s vertically oriented display on the center console replaced the huge 15.0-inch monitor, as if from a home PC.
It is noteworthy that this screen displays all the information at all so that in the Tesla Model 3 there is no instrument panel completely, and there is not a single physical button left on the front panel. The air ducts of the ventilation system are carefully disguised, and on the steering wheel, instead of the keys, two small joysticks are installed. Already in the base, the electric car has a two-section panoramic roof, the second half being integrated with the rear window, the doors are frameless – they are opened from the inside with buttons instead of traditional handles. Baggage cars in the car are two – their total volume is claimed to be 425 liters. Specifications The overall length of the new Tesla Model 3 is 4 694 mm, the size of the wheelbase is 2,875, the width is 1,849, the height is 1,443. The elevator is made of steel and aluminum, the weight of the electric car is not specified, and the information on power plants was found out by the journalists of the American Edition of Motor Trend. While for Model 3, two rear-wheel-drive modifications are available ( the all-wheel drive will appear later). The initial version is equipped with a 235-horsepower electric motor and a battery with a capacity of 60 kWh. This “filling” allows you to accelerate from one place to a hundred in 5.8 seconds, the maximum reaches 209 km/h, and the power reserve is 354 kilometers. There is also a version of the Long Range, where the battery capacity is increased to 85 kWh. This option is able to stretch without recharging 499 km, the maximum speed is slightly higher – 225 km/h, and to accelerate to a hundred it takes 5.3 seconds. You can recharge it both from the household network and from the Supercharger stations. Last for half an hour can replenish the stock of batteries at 209 (for P60 version) and 274 km (for P85), whereas the hour of charging from the home socket will “energize” the batteries into 48 and 59 kilometers respectively. True, if owners of older models S and X can use the terminals Supercharger for free, then the owner of the “triples” will have to pay. Packages and prices Acceptance of orders for Tesla Model S started immediately after the presentation, and for a year and a half, the company received 500,000 applications. The price of the initial modification is 35 000 dollars, its equipment includes diode optics, dual-zone climate control, fabric seat upholstery, Wi-Fi transmitter and 18 “wheels. For a car with a more capacious battery, $ 44,000 is requested, among the options are 19-inch disks ($ 1,500), a metallic paint ($ 1,000, not only for base black) and Premium Upgrades ($ 5,000), Which includes advanced music, leather interior, as well as electric front seats and steering column. Also for $ 5,000 for Tesla Model III, you can order an Autopilot function that can automatically drive a car along the highway, drive through interchanges and automatically park. A full-fledged unmanned mode will appear a little later, but it will have to pay another $ 3,000 for it. In early August 2017, the company redistributed the first 50 copies of the novelty to its customers, who in fact are employees of the firm. In the conditions of the accelerated start of the electric car in the series, the manufacturer decided to abandon the traditional phase of the test production. So the volumes of output will be gradually increased, and ordinary customers will receive their “troika” by the end of the year.