At the September motor show in Frankfurt 2017, BMW will present an updated version of the electric car i3, as well as its “warmed” version of i3s. However, the main information about the last Bavarians was announced at the end of August. Outside, the new BMW i3s 2017-2018 can be distinguished from the regular version of the model by other bumpers and 20-inch wheel disks. The latter here are “shod” in a wider (+ 20 mm) tires, compared with the standard hatchback tires. In the motion, BMW i3s in the new body leads an electric motor with a power of 184 hp. and 270 Nm, that is, its recoil for 14 forces and 20 Nm torque exceeds the characteristics of the engine, which is put on the base electric car.
Such a filling allows the model to accelerate from a place to a hundred in 6.9 seconds (-0.4 seconds), and its maximum speed reaches 160 km/h (+10). The power of the engine is answered by a set of batteries with a capacity of 33 kWh, the claimed power reserve is 200 kilometers.
When recharging from a special device BMW i Wallbox, the capacity of batteries from 0 to 80% can be replenished in 2 hours 45 minutes, and from the usual domestic electricity network, this procedure will take about 11 hours.
As an option for the new model, BMW i3s offers a 647-cc two-cylinder petrol engine, which can be used solely to recharge the batteries on the go. With its presence, the vehicle’s power reserve is increased to 330 km.
In addition to the more powerful stuffing, the BMW i3s 2018 received other shock absorbers and anti-roll bars, other springs, a 40 mm extended rear track and a 10 mm clearance lowered. The price of the top modification in Germany is 45,750 euros (for comparison, about the same number there is a 5-series sedan ), sales will begin in November.