In Dubai, showed an exclusive black and gold McLaren 720S

In November 2017, at the motor show in Dubai, McLaren introduced a special modification of the 720S supercar , developed by McLaren Special Operations (MSO). The body of this McLaren is painted in black matte color, while the wheels of the car have golden discs, and the engine compartment has a thermal screen, decorated with elements of 24-carat gold. Also, the modification received a unique design of the wing, in which the words of the founder of the British company Bruce McClaren were written in Arabic in golden letters, which says that “life is measured in achievements, not just in years.” In this case, the font resembles the contours of Dubai on the horizon. The interior of the supercar has a similar design. Some of its elements are stylized “for gold,” plus a special tablet with the inscription “1 of 1” was placed in the cabin, which indicates that this version is made in a single copy. As for the engine, the unique MacLaren 720 is driven by a standard 4.0-liter V8 turbo engine, combined with a robotic gearbox and developing 720 hp, providing acceleration from the ground up to hundreds in 2.9 seconds. The maximum speed is 341 km/h. In the MSO studio note that they took about 30 hours to design the wing, while the work on the car itself took more than 120 hours. Information on the cost of the exclusive coupe is not disclosed.

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