Jaguar will revive the small-scale production of the D-Type sports car, which won the race “24 Hours of Le Mans” in 1955, 1956 and 1957. In the 1950s, the British wanted to release a hundred copies of the model but limited only 75, and the last one was assembled in 1956. Now the firm plans to bring the matter to an end and collect the last 25 machines. Representatives of the British brand note that the modern Jaguar D-Type will be completely identical to the original machines of the 50’s, and their release will be occupied by the Jaguar Classic division. His specialists will reproduce the process of assembling a classic sports car, even using old technologies, down to the smallest detail. The car will be offered to customers in two versions: Shortnose and Longnose (with standard and extended front body). The first was originally produced in 1955, and the second – in 1956th. As for the power unit, the original Jaguar D-Taip was equipped with a six-cylinder engine, the volume of which at the beginning of production of the model was 3.4 liters. Then it was brought to 3.8 liters, and the last released specimens already had a 3.0-liter motor. Such drastic changes were caused by adjustments to the race regulations “24 Hours of Le Mans”, while modern copies in the performance of Shortnose will receive a 3.4-liter engine and versions of Longnose – a 3.8-liter motor. The cost of the revived D-Type is not specified, but you can not doubt that the price tag will be rather big.