Detroit in 2012 showed Toyota NS4 Concept

As part of the auto show in Detroit 2012, Toyota showed a new hybrid concept NS4, which should determine the development of design ideas for future models of the Japanese auto giant. Unfortunately, representatives of Toyota have decided not to disclose any information regarding the power unit used in NS4. The only thing that was known – mounted on a hybrid battery can be recharged from a household outlet. The focus of the Toyota NS4 Concept has been given to the design. In spite of the four-door configuration of the body, the car was stocky and athletic, which especially contributed to the taillights and food in general. The main chip is shown the concept is glass, which do not allow water to accumulate in the rain and protect the inhabitants of the interior from ultraviolet rays by 99%. Equally tricky was also a multimedia system that can independently adjust to the preferences of the owner.

foto-toyota-ns4-concept_02-650x432 foto-toyota-ns4-concept_03-650x432 foto-toyota-ns4-concept_01-650x432

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