At the Auto Show in Los Angeles 2017 will be the world premiere of the new model Infiniti QX50 II generation, details of which became known a week before the opening of the exhibition. Compared with its predecessor, the car has changed dramatically.

As expected, outwardly Infiniti QX50 2018 in the new body almost completely repeats the concept shown at the beginning of the year QX Sport Inspiration . Of course, the serial car got a little more simple bumper and optics and at the same time lost part of the chrome decor.

On the front, the new Infiniti QX50 2018-2019 stands out with a proprietary massive radiator grille, a relief hood and fashionable head optics, and the curvature of the window line in the area of the rear pillars attracts attention in the profile. And if the car of the previous generation has a long hood and sloping roof, then the current version has become much closer to traditional crossovers with more classic forms.

Again, if before Infiniti QX50 was a hooligan with a rear-wheel drive and a longitudinally located engine, now the drive was the front by default, the engine was placed across, and the traditional classic machine gave way to the variator.

The new platform was 23% stiffer than before, plus it allowed to increase the free space in the cabin, although the overall dimensions of the SUV even slightly decreased. The overall length of the new KewIx 50 is 4,693 (-52), the wheelbase is 2,800 (-80), but the height has increased by 64 mm to 1,679, the ground clearance is declared at 218 mm.

The lack of free space was one of the weak points of this model – with the change of generation the situation should become much better. In addition, the rear seat cushions here can move along the sled, so the volume of the trunk varies from 895 to 1,048 liters, and with the backs folded, the compartment size increases to 1,699 liters.

The base engine for the Infiniti QX50 2018 is the new 2.0-liter VC-Turbo gasoline turbo engine with variable compression ratio. It develops 272 hp. and 380 Nm of torque in the peak (at 4,400 rpm). To accelerate from zero to a hundred front-wheel drive version of the crossover it takes 6.7 seconds, and the all-wheel drive does it in 6.3 seconds, the top speed is 230 km/h.

The main advantage of the new power unit is the ability to work in variables and maximally effective modes. So, the compression ratio of the piston of the air-fuel mixture can be adjusted from 8: 1 (for maximum efficiency) to 14: 1 (for better fuel economy). As a result, the engine promises to be 30-35% more economical than the previous 3.5-liter atmosphere.

Of course, the new model Infiniti QX50 equipped with a system ProPILOT, which is an assistant when driving with some functions of the autopilot. According to the company’s specialists, it will save the driver from a lot of “onerous tasks”. In particular, the system can independently accelerate, steer and brake on the highway, analyzing traffic and observing a safe distance.