Toyota is preparing to introduce a seriously upgraded SUV Land Cruiser Prado 2018 model year. Until now, the Japanese manufacturer is limited to only minor improvements in the model, and now, at last, we will face a serious restyling. The network has flowed the first photos of the new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2017-2018, which, as can be seen on the scans brochures, get a noticeable change in the front completely new grille, bumper, and optics. In addition, revisions have undergone taillights appear rims new design and interior renovation Land Cruiser Prado 150 get another instrument panel and other front panels. It can be assumed that the car will be able to boast of an improved sound insulation and high level of comfort. So far there is no information on a technical stuffing SUV. Chances are, in general, it remains the same, although some surprises can still be. The official presentation of the model will be held in the summer, and the new Prado start of sales in 2018 is due to start in autumn 2017. The exact price is not yet known, but certainly, they are older.