Declassified appearance of a large sedan Volvo S90

Publication Autocar reports some details about the upcoming flagship sedan Volvo S90, which will replace in the lineup manufacturer model S80. Detailed information about the future sedan yet, but it it is expected that it will form the basis of a modular platform SPA, which debuted on the new Volvo XC90 II. From the latter borrow and powertrain line, which includes turbo “four” and hybrid installation. In addition, according to Nick Connor – managing director of the British office of Volvo’s new sedan Volvo S90 both externally and internally it will be much premium compared with its predecessor. In late August of 2015, the network got photos of scale models Volvo S90, by which the appearance of a sedan managed to declassify advance. The car is made ​​in the style of an SUV XC90 II and released original taillights. It is possible that in the interior they can be traced in common.


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