At the March Geneva Motor Show in 2011 the public should be submitted under the crossover concept of the legendary Italian brand De Tomaso, which ceased to exist in 2004. The company is known for its sports models, which it released in 1963, but in the middle of the two thousandth company went bankrupt. And now its current owner, Jean Mario Rossignol (Gianmario Rossignolo) is doing its best to revive the brand. As the first model was chosen crossover, is known under the code name SLC, recently in the network has its first photo taken in Rome. Its launch is scheduled for production in the next year. It is expected that the crossover De Tomaso SLC will be offered with one of two engines: a 250-horsepower V6 diesel and petrol “eight” power of 500 hp And after the launch krossvoera, the model number of the company must be new sedan and sport coupe.

de-tomaso-slc-concept_02 de-tomaso-slc-concept_03 de-tomaso-slc-concept_01