Company “Yo-Auto” issued a press release and the image of its five-door variant of the crossover, which was a logical extension of the three-door version, first shown live in the middle of December last year, at the presentation in Moscow.
The five-door crossover e-mobility stretched by 38 mm in length and 15 mm in height, and its ground clearance has added 10 mm – 200 mm to 210 mm. Now, in the cabin of the hybrid without problems can accommodate five adults and luggage compartment volume as compared to three-door increased from 400 to 450 liters.
There is another noticeable change – have increased five-door overhang angles: from 20 to 27 degrees in front and from 28 to 30 degrees – from behind. On the off-road performance of the hybrid crossover can not speak, but this solution will keep the plastic bumper on the high curbs and winter track.
Previously, we reported that the “Yo-Auto” is going to present in the autumn motor show in Frankfurt, a new model, maybe she would be, and the five-door version of the crossover, which by then will be created a life-sized interior and a power plant.

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