In October 2015, the first Lada Vesta sedan got elongated modification VIP, a body that was on the 250 mm longer than the standard version of the car. Of the total gain of 200 mm go to increase the space in the vicinity of the rear passengers’ feet. For the first time on this model, told the president of AvtoVAZ Andresson Bu in an interview Moreover, according to Andersson, the existence of this project, he did not even know. Later it became known that this sedan version was called Signature. However, long Lada Vesta Signatures/VIP head of AvtoVAZ liked, and the initiative of engineers responsible for the project was praised. Project team staff team from the SEC and design center. After a couple of days after the publication of news in the network has the first photos of the model. In the picture can be seen a black sedan with increased Vesta long rear doors, a rear rack and the original rims. Inside, the model used leather trim, and the ceiling is upholstered in Alcantara. Under the hood Lada Vesta Signature is located 1.6-liter engine with 106 hp, coupled to a pair of robotic gearbox. Initially speech at the launch of a series of Vesta VIP sedan seems to be not passed, but now there are rumors that the company may decide to start small-scale release of such modification. However, for this to AvtoVAZ need to understand whether the demand for the extended news. So while you can not buy Vesta signature, and no pricing information. In May 2016 the second instance of the model was assembled in which an antenna made in the form of fin, washer nozzles with bonnet suffered under it, and the fuel tank flap is now open button from the cabin. It is possible that in the future similar doraboki can migrate and the usual sedans, but official information about that.

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