Citroen Company unveiled a prototype Advanced Comfort. Being built on the basis of the C4 Cactus crossover. Files Manager, the concept was an innovative suspension, which in the future should replace the existing egidro-pneumatics Hydractive. A distinctive feature of this device is the presence of two hydraulic stoppers in the classic twin-tube shock absorbers. This design allows you to make the suspension noticeably softer. The developers note that this becomes especially noticeable when driving on rough roads. It is interesting that in some places the prototype body panels are connected not by welding, and literally glued together. The French say that this decision has not only significantly reduce the vibration, but also enhance body rigidity by 20%. Another feature Citoren Advanced Comfort concept became seat upholstery, which is made using the technology used in the production of bedding. Representatives of Citro├źn is not yet sounded the approximate time of occurrence of the new suspension on the production models of the brand, but noted that it will be available for high-class cars and city cars.