Citroen brought to Frankfurt unusual concept Cactus

Back in 2007 the French automaker revealed the concept Citroen C-Cactus, and at the current Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013 the name was used again, but this time without the prefix “C”.
According to the company, Citroen Cactus Concept gives represented how soon will look like the model of line C. It is believed in it with difficulty, since the appearance of the prototype came out pretty futuristic and unusual.
The key features of the design concept are simplicity and smooth lines, short overhangs, a “floating” roof, as well as unusual elements on the doors and bumpers called Airbump. This special soft coating of a plurality of air capsules that protect the car body against scratches and light bumps.
Overall length concept Citroen Cactus is 4 210 mm, width – 1750, height – 1530, and the amount of ground clearance is 210 millimeters. Inside, instead of separate front seats set-piece sofa, and control various functions of cars made by 8-inch touch screen.
The movement Citroen Cactus Concept brings hybrid propulsion system Hybrid Air, in which the electric motor is used instead of the air pump. The company is calculated that the sale of these machines will begin in 2016, but the first representatives of the C-line in the spirit of Cactus concept should appear in the 2014th.
Updated: As it became known later, serial Citroen C4 Cactus based on the submitted prototype will be shown February 5, 2014 – the birthday of the founder of the French car maker André Citroën. It is noteworthy that the model will retain the elements Air Bump in the design of the exterior, but the body as well as the power plant, will be more traditional.

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