Citroen will bring to Frankfurt 2011 minivan Tubik Concept

The new concept car from Citroen may well claim to be the most original and strange artifact upcoming motor show in Frankfurt in 2011. This shoukare French, apparently decided to implement immediately all his ideas and fantasies about the car of the future. A prototype of the family minivan looks like spaceship rather than a family car. And when it was created gave craze to remember the historical model and turned to the minivan Tub, which was issued at the turn of the forties of the last century. If the ancestor was named Tub, something which has to get his younger brother? Of course, Tubik! The name clearly characterizes the appearance of new items. Placed on the huge 22-inch wheel radius, Citroen Tubik Concept has the dimensions 4800x2080x2050 mm, and allows you to stay in the company of nine people. And all passengers can get into the cabin through a large door that opens upward. Type of opening the driver’s door – the guillotine. Interior with three rows of seats has a variety of configurations, including easily turns into a rather large “room” with full beds and a cozy chill-out with a circular light. The movement is a miracle of design ideas resulting hybrid propulsion system consisting of diesel and electric motors. Together, they develop 200 hp and give out 450 Nm of torque.


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