Chrysler 700C Concept at the Detroit Auto Show 2012

At the International Auto Show in Detroit 2012 concern Chrysler introduced the minivan concept unusual. The model was named 700C, but in a series, it will likely never go. According to rumors, the head of FIAT Sergio Marchionne has decided to show the concept in Detroit just a day before the opening of the exhibition. The main objective of this project is to study the potential interest in a similar model. Chrysler 700C is a luxury 7-seater MPV. At the same time, despite the triviality of such machines, the concept is original performance door handles and side glass radical form, which gives the model a more rapid and stocky appearance. It is possible that a major contribution to the development of the concept designers have Lancia, because this is the Italian company will duplicate part of the lineup of Chrysler and sell these cars in Europe.

foto-chrysler-700c_02-650x432 foto-chrysler-700c_03-650x432 foto-chrysler-700c_01-650x432

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