The new Chrysler 300C SRT8 debuted in New York

At the beginning of 2011 at the motor show in Detroit was presented a new Chrysler 300C, and at the April Auto Show in New York, the world premiere of “charged” version of the sedan, which received a name prefix SRT8. This engine replaces the previous 425-hp V8 6.1 liter working volume. Hundred to place new Chrysler 300 SRT8 transfer any just four seconds and classical DREG-quarter-mile car travels in 13.0 seconds. Exact speed characteristics of the model are not known, but the car can be safely counted among the category of the fastest production sedans in the world. Unlike the standard version of the Chrysler 300 and its “charged” modification SRT8 also received adaptive suspension and high-performance brake company Brembo. The latter, incidentally, is equipped with a special valve which, if necessary, can be closed, which will provide better fuel efficiency.

chrysler-300-srt8-2012_04-650x433 chrysler-300-srt8-2012_08-650x433

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