The Chinese SUV Foton Sauvana made its debut in the Celestial market in 2014, and in March 2017 a closed presentation of the model for the market was held, the assembly of which has been arranged at the Belarusian BelJ plant. In the future, the SUV is planned to be assembled directly.
In terms of exterior design, Foton Sauvana 2017-2018 looks a bit old-fashioned, but at the same time solid. The car has large headlights and a stylish grille, the chrome pattern at the top resembles a bird that spreads its wings.

Packages and prices Foton Sauvana 2017

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive unit
2.0 Basic 4 × 4 MT Petrol 2.0 (201 hp) Mechanics (5) full
2.0 Comfort 4 × 4 MT Petrol 2.0 (201 hp) Mechanics (5) full
2.0 Comfort + 4 × 4 MT Petrol 2.0 (201 hp) Mechanics (5) full
2.0 Luxury 4 × 4 AT Petrol 2.0 (217 hp) Automatic machine (6) full
2.0 Premium 4 × 4 AT Petrol 2.0 (217 hp) Automatic machine (6) full
2.0 Premium + 4 × 4 AT Petrol 2.0 (217 hp) Automatic machine (6) full

On the roof of the SUV there are railings, and the rear lights are combined with each other using a stylish chrome bar, the center of which flaunts the brand logo.
The decoration of the interior to suit the appearance of the model is solid, and in places even brutal. In the interior of the Chinese SUV, there is a large multifunctional steering wheel and a wide center console, in the upper part of which a color display of a multimedia system is mounted on top sets.
At the heart of the Photon Sauvana is a frame structure, the overall length of the car is 4,830 mm, the wheelbase is 2,790, the width is 1,910, the height is 1,885. In front, there is an independent suspension with double wishbones, and at the rear is a dependent five-lever Bridge.
Foton Sauvana has a very spacious trunk. By default, the volume of the compartment is equal to 1,510 liters, but with the backs of the second and third rows folded, its capacity already reaches 2,240 liters. The ground clearance (clearance) of the model is claimed to be 220 mm, and the depth of the ford crossing is up to 800 mm.
The Savannah powertrain range is represented by two 2.0-liter petrol engines, one of which develops 201 hp, working in conjunction with a five-speed mechanics, and the second goes in tandem with a six-diaphragm Aisin and produces 216 forces. In the near future, the car can be ordered with a 2.8-liter Cummins turbo diesel for 177 hp.
The “Chinese” is still available exclusively with a plug-in all-wheel drive, where the front axle is operated using the transfer box BorgWarner. The latter is controlled from the washer on the central tunnel.
In the market, you can buy a new Photon Sauvana 2017 in one of four trim levels with a five- or seven-seater saloon. In the base of the car has a simple audio system with a USB port, multi-wheel, air conditioning, airbags for the driver and passenger, LED DRL and fog lights, as well as 17-inch wheels with tires of 265/65.
Top-end equipment can boast a leather interior, a rear-view camera, air conditioning, a Parktronic, a multimedia with a 7.0-inch touch screen and navigation. At the same time, all versions of the model are equipped with the ERA-GLONASS system.