The Chinese get a hybrid sedan Volvo S60L PPHEV

In Europe, the highly successful sale Hybrid wagon Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid, which was first introduced back in 2011. But for the Chinese market maker prepared sedan Volvo S60L PPHEV, which will be shown at the Beijing Auto Show in 2014.
At the exhibition model will arrive in the status of the concept, but its production without any significant changes in China will start in the beginning of 2015. The basis of the model took a restyled version of the Volvo S60 with a longer wheelbase and PPHEV stands Petrol Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle.
In contrast to the aforementioned station wagon, which plays the role of the internal combustion engine of 2.4-liter diesel, sedan Volvo S60L PPHEV equipped with the latest 2.0-liter petrol “turbo-four” family Drive-E power of 238 hp (350 Nm), and place a 6-speed automatic 8-ranked TR.
This electric filling remained unchanged. The wheels of the rear axle results in traction motor, which is responsible for the power set of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 11.2 kilowatt-hours.
Pure electric car can cover a distance of 50 kilometers, and to recharge the battery from a household mains voltage at 230 will require four to five hours, depending on the current strength.
The total output of the power plant at Volvo S60L PPHEV is 306 hp, which enables the sedan to accelerate from zero to a hundred in just 5.5 seconds. In hybrid mode, the power reserve can last for about 1000 kilometers, and the average fuel consumption in the combined cycle is claimed at 2.0 liters per hundred (level of CO2 – 50 g/km).
Also, the driver can choose between three driving modes: pure electric Pure, Hybrid priority economy Hybrid and Hybrid Power Priority Power, when both the engine develops maximum impact. Plus there are two buttons, one is forced to activate all-wheel drive, while the second prohibits the waste energy from the battery in order to save it for later.
Among other features of the hybrid sedan Volvo S60L PPHEV be noted exclusive exterior color white “Crystal Pearl”, specially designed wheels, chrome inlay in the design of the exterior and interior upholstery in brown leather. Pricing information will be announced later.

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