Changan has prepared a compact crossover CS35 second generation, the official premiere of which in the domestic market in China is scheduled for late summer two thousand eighteenth, and the beginning of its sales there is expected in the fall. Compared to its predecessor, the Changgan CS35 2019-2020 in the new body (photo, price) changed superficially externally, gaining more solid design, losing rounded outlines in favor of strict lines and a rear-view mirror on the legs. The front end of the model has changed radically – here the narrow horizontal grille is integrated with the headlight units flashing diode running lights. A massive bumper is highlighted by a protection in the lower part and a chrome plated bar in the center. The SUV’s fodder has been solved in a similar style – multi-section rear lights stretched over the entire width of the trunk lid, a spoiler with a stop signal hung over the glass, and fog-lamps were integrated into the exhaust fittings of the exhaust system. On the side, the new Changan CS35 II stands out with square wheel arches with rounded corners and cataphytes above the protective plastic trim. The windows in the rear pillars have become more compact, and the effect of the “floating” roof looks more impressive. In the salon, a new steering wheel and an assembly are expected, as well as a completely redesigned front panel with a screen of the multimedia system centered and the nozzles of the ventilation system moving under it, having replaced their shape. In addition, the car should become more spacious. According to the dimensions of Changang, 35 2019 (characteristics) became significantly larger – its length is 4 335 mm (+ 165), the wheelbase is 2,600 (+ 40), width – 1,825 (+ 15), except that the height was reduced by 10 millimeters – up to 1 660.