At that opens in Los Angeles Motor Show 2016 took place the presentation of off-road modifications pickup Chevrolet Colorado 2 , received index ZR2. A key feature of the new items was the unique suspension, in which the GM experts, together with Canadians from Multimatic, applied technology used in Formula 1 race cars. In particular, the Chevrolet Colorado pickup ZR2 equipped with special shock absorbers with slide channels. Two spool valves on the shock absorbers allow for the most comfortable vehicle travel on public roads. When Congress on the roads connected a third valve, activating specific suspension settings for riding on rough terrain. In addition, the shock absorbers are the so-called rebound valve. It is included only when the suspension strokes reach their maximum values. The new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 available 312-horsepower gasoline engine, working together with vosmidiapazonnym machine, as well as diesel engine, giving out 183 hp What is the last aggregated transmission – is not specified, but on the other versions of this model, the engine works in conjunction with a six-speed automatic transmission. pickup also has a system of all wheel drive with locking front and rear differentials and lower side. All this gives the driver a choice of one of the nine different modes, from the rear-wheel drive and locked four-wheel drive ending front and rear differentials. Among the other features of the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 worth noting the additional protection of the underbody, increased ground clearance, enhanced track and iron suspension arms. On the wheels of the car mounted 17-inch wheels with off-road tires Goodyear Duratec. Information on the timing of the appearance of such a modification and pricing yet. Colorado ZR2 Concept In the two years before the appearance of the production version of the Colorado ZR2 manufacturer brought to the same pre-production version of the model show. Then the pickup adjusted front and back of the body, which helped to increase the angle of entry / exit. Furthermore, the vehicle was 100 mm wider, and its ground clearance is increased by 50 millimeters. Not without the appropriate equipment. Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Concept equipped with 18-inch wheels and tires of the dimension 275/65, which are much better suited to the original conquest of off-road, and in front there was a towing loop. Plus installed on the car King dampers with increased speed, full-size spare wheel (located in the cargo area) and 121-inch rack and pinion jack.

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