Group Jaguar Land Rover has patented facial recognition technology, which will get rid of the car owners need to be in possession of the keys. According to the patent information for face recognition correspond two cameras mounted on the sides of the car under the window line. This arrangement allows them to cover a space not only to themselves but also to the sides. Face Detection takes place in two stages. First, the system “learns” was approaching the human machine through the moving image recording, and then produces a “control” stereoscopic picture person directly at the door of the car.

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Note that the dynamic and static snapshot of individual car owners are stored in the database, and if the system is comparing new images with those made earlier to find a match, the car door opened without keys. But if there is one single image of “their” man unlocking will not occur.

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JLR representatives noted that the new technology will not only open the doors of the car without the keys, but also will protect the car against theft. When exactly this system will apply to the production car brand – is unknown.