For the hypermarket Bugatti Chiron, the French brand specialists have developed a system for remote monitoring and software updates, which allows identifying the technical problems that arise as soon as possible. Analysis of the telemetry data of each model instance is conducted in a single center, which is located in the main office of Bugatti in the French Molsheim. It is reported that the monitoring system is capable of processing about 10,000 signals from 30 control units of various nodes, including the engine, climate control, transmission, brakes, and lighting equipment. The broadcast is carried out in real time regardless of whether Chiron is on the move or standing in the parking lot. To connect to the system the owner of the hypercar requires only to give his consent to the data collection, after which the state of his car will be monitored in 24/7 mode. It is important that the connection is two-way, and if necessary, engineers of the French brand can remotely adjust the settings of the machine or update the software.