C has recently appeared in the studio Brabus division, which is engaged in “green” development. For example, we can recall the all-electric sedan High Performance 4WD Full Electric based on the Mercedes-benz E-class, first shown at the motor show in Frankfurt in 2011, and by 2012 at the Geneva Motor Company produced the “charged” version of the electric Smart.
Modified The Brabus compact Smart ForTwo electric drive has received an aerodynamic body kit, a set of alloy wheels, sports suspension, a different interior design and a special sound generator that simulates the sound of the internal combustion engine.
In addition, an electric engine has added Smart 7 “horses” and 5 Nm of torque, so now it returns is 82 hp and 135 Nm. However, to change the dynamic performance and cruising range on a single charge in the company did not report.
Note that the standard version of the Smart ForTwo EV is able to overcome on a fully charged battery 139 km and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in electric exactly 13.0 seconds.

foto-brabus-smart-fortwo-ev_02-650x487 foto-brabus-smart-fortwo-ev_03-650x487 foto-brabus-smart-fortwo-ev_01-650x487