Working on a restyled version of the Mercedes-benz G500, the specialists of the German company refused from the previous 5.5-liter engine to a 4.0-liter V8 rated at 422 hp. Tuners from studio Brabus decided that the performance of the new machine may seem not enough clients and presented a program off-road refinement.
To increase engine power company experts use proprietary Brabus B40 module – 500 PowerXtra, connecting that they were able to maximize the value of the unit up to 500 hp (+ 78 “horses”) and 710 Nm (00 +1 Nm) of torque.
It is possible to reduce the acceleration time of 2.5-ton SUV from zero to hundreds of up to 5.7 seconds.For safety reasons, the maximum speed of the vehicle is electronically limited at around 220 kilometers per hour.
This tuners from Brabus have not stopped by installing a G500 other stainless steel exhaust system. She received adjustable valve for setting of the engine sound, wherein the exhaust pipes are separated on the sides of the machine.
Mercedes G500 from Brabus also received a corporate body kit Widestar, but the interior is not a tuning SUV changed significantly. For the interior design studio specialists used Alcantara and “soft and breathable” skin Mastik. However, the company noted that according to the customer for the trim can also be used aluminum, wood and carbon fiber inserts. Cost of the package of improvements is not specified.

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