At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 will be presented not only many new products but tuning options for different cars. One of them will be modified Porsche Cayman sports coupe from the TechArt┬ácompany. Recall that the new Porsche Cayman (981) debuted at the LA Auto Show in the fall of 2012. It is offered with two different petrol engines volume of 2.7 (275 hp) and 3.4 (325 hp) liters. They did not touch the tuner. Experts TechArt developed for sports car an aerodynamic body kit, which includes a large rear wing, adjustable in two positions, a small rear spoiler, front bumper splitter and diffuser – in the rear. The picture is completed branded 21-inch alloy wheels. In addition, customers can order the kit for the Cayman sport springs, which reduces the ride height by 35 mm, and the exhaust system with adjustable flap and two round tailpipes painted in matt black. The cost of the kit is no information.

foto-techart-cayman-981_02-650x433 foto-techart-cayman-981_01-650x433 foto-techart-cayman-981_03-650x433