The BMW company will present at the elegance contest at Pebble Beach in August two thousand eighteenth roadster Z4 of the third generation in the new body of the G29, while the network has already published several photos of the new model.

In terms of design BMW Z4 2018-2019 in many respects repeats the predecessor. On the roadster with a soft roof, the same long shark hood, a rearward-shifted cabin, a characteristic bend in the area of the joint of the doors and thresholds, as well as angular security arcs behind the head restraints and the upturned trunk lid.

However, between the machines of the second and third generations there are differences. In particular, the new BMW Z4 (G29) has more fleshy sides and a heavy stern, and on its front wings there are vent holes (for the first time in the history of the model). In turn, the “heated” version of the M40i boasts other bumpers and 19-inch wheels