BMW Vision Next 100 Concept

In honor of its 100th anniversary, BMW introduced the concept of Vision Next 100. The model has a futuristic design and a system of autonomous control with two modes of operation: Boost and Easy. By activating one of them, the driver can choose – to manage his hand car, or else entirely trust electronic systems coupe. Boost Mode provides manual control, but the prototype PC will continue to diligently monitor the actions of the driver, helping him to choose the optimum speed and trajectory. When switching to Easy mode is interior transformation. The steering wheel is pulled inwards seat head restraints are moved back and seat yourself become one with the door panels, thus allowing the driver and passenger to take a more relaxed posture and safely communicate with each other. BMW officials did not disclose information on a technical stuffing of the concept Vision Next 100, noting that the prototype is only a demonstration of technologies and solutions that are likely to appear in cars in the future. “As a designer, you have to come up with things that may eventually become a reality. Working on the project BMW Vision Next 100 Concept, we tried to imagine what could be a car of the future”, – he said at the presentation of the model of the German brand chief stylist Adrian van Hooydonk. Germans used materials such as carbon fiber and plastic for manufacturing concept. Interestingly, the wheels of the car were almost completely hidden body panels, so a cursory examination may appear that they have a prototype and is not at all. Design interior BMW Vision Next 100 is made in the “Spartan” style. On the dashboard is not many buttons, lights and large displays, and control the functions of the car multimedia system, you can use gestures system. For gesture recognition are responsible multicolored triangles, which is literally dotted with the upper part of the dashboard, and all information is displayed directly on the windshield. BMW Company is planning to arrange a kind of a world tour and show concept Vision Next 100 in China, the UK and the US. It is expected that the presentation of the prototype in London will also be presented the Vision-concepts of the brand Mini and Rolls-Royce, and in Los Angeles, the Bavarians demonstrate also a prototype of the motorcycle of the future.

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