New BMW M550d xDrive 2018, prices and equipment

BMW company introduced four-wheel drive sedan and wagon M550d xDrive, who received the world’s first diesel engine with four blowers.
Already in the database, both models have a M-brand body kit, upgraded brakes, taxiing up mechanism on the rear axle and a different exhaust system. Suspension of them lowered by 10 mm, while the wheels are 19-inch wheels.
But the main thing here is under the hood – a 3.0-liter “six” B57D30C with four blowers, which had previously received sedan BMW 750d. The motor is equipped with two low-inertia high-pressure turbo and low-pressure two turbines.
Recent work connected in series, wherein one of the high pressure compressor is activated only during heavy acceleration, when the crankshaft spin up to 2 500 rev/min. Note that the piezo fuel injection into the cylinder is carried out under a pressure of 2 500 bar!
This engine develops 400 hp and 760 Nm, which is 19 power and 20 Nm of torque more than the previous Three-turbine diesel. Bavarians say that craving here yet limited by the ZF eight-stage machine, with a new gearbox this unit will be able to issue more than 800 Nm.
Among other advantages Four-supercharged motor for modifying BMW M550d worth noting that 450 Nm of torque on it already available at 1000 rev/min and the peak is still achieved in the range from 2 000 to 3000 rev/min.
With such engine sedan BMW 550d xDrive accelerates from zero to hundreds of 4.4 seconds (- 0.3), and the model in station wagon takes this bar for 4.6 seconds. Its top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. By passport sedan requires 5.9 liters per 100 km, which is 11% less than with the embodiment three-supercharged motor.
At the European dealers of the brand BMW M550d sedan new diesel engine will be in July and wagons get to them later – by the end of 2017-th. Information about car prices yet.

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