BMW has announced that it is now the Bavarian engineers will be able to test at the design stage models using HTC Vive helmets of virtual reality. In particular, these gadgets allow the Germans to make a virtual tour of the city, during which it will be possible to assess, for example, visibility cab developed car. To maximize the effect of immersion Bavarians are also planning to use accompanying the drive sounds. Simulate certain driving conditions BMW will be on modern gaming computers with water cooling systems at the same time to create a virtual reality, the Germans employ the latest version of the game engine. Unreal Engine 4 is powered by Epic Games, which allows you to get image at 90 frames per second. BMW is also planning to use the positioning station HTC Vive Lighthouse. The latter will monitor the activities of test with the help of sensors, recording their movements every few milliseconds. This will create an immersive in the cockpit of the car, as the pilot will be able to turn back and head to see the back row of seats.