BMW Specialists presented the new three- and four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines Efficient Dynamics family. It is reported that these power units will be equipped with both models Bavarian brand, and brand the MINI, but when it happens – is unknown. New engines quite versatile and can be located both along and across. The petrol engines are equipped with turbo-charged, direct injection, variable valve timing system, Double-VANOS and valve lift control Valvetronic system. Superchargers of these motors are integrated into the exhaust manifold and mounted on the cylinder head. The new BMW four gasoline New petrol engines BMW also received a modified fuel injection system with other highways and fuel pump. The Germans managed to increase the injection pressure of up to 345 atmospheres, which reduced the level of harmful emissions from a wider range of workloads. In addition, the engines received new balance shafts, an integral timing chain and an L-shaped alternator drive belt, water pump and air conditioning compressor. Changes were and cooling system. BMW four-cylinder diesel engine Thanks to these improvements, efficiency motors has increased by 7 hp and 20 Nm (compared with those of the previous generation of engines). In addition, new engines were 5% more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. The new four-cylinder diesel engines have received two supercharger, the first of which begins to run at low speed, and the second is connected with time. Both elements are also integrated into the exhaust manifold. The new three-cylinder diesel engine In addition, diesel units have changed the exhaust gas recirculation system EGR. In the three-cylinder motor is a two-step that allows it to collect the gases passing through the particulate filter. The Bavarians also modified fuel injection common-rail. At the three-cylinder engines injection pressure of 2200 bar, and in the four-cylinder – from 2 500 to 2 700 bar.

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