New 625-strong BMW M5 Competition 2019

The presentation of the top-of-the-line BMW M5 (F90) sedan in the competition was held on May 8, 2018. Compared with the standard version, this modification received a special exterior design and a more productive technical stuffing. Outside, the modification not only has special nameplates, but also black décor instead of the standard chrome. Also, the car stands out by the presence of a carbon spoiler on the trunk lid. Plus, this four-door is supplied on 20-inch wheels from the M 789 series with Y-shaped spokes design. About the changes in the interior of the new BMW M5 Competence 2018-2019 (photo, price) nothing is reported, but it is known that for a surcharge, the four-door can be upgraded with the premium audio system Bowers & Wilkins. Under the hood of the sedan housed a 4.4-liter “turbo”, forced from 600 to 625 forces. The maximum torque remained unchanged (the previous 750 Nm), but its range became somewhat wider. If on the usual “em-five” it is available in the range from 1 800 to 5 600 rpm, in the Competition version the upper threshold is 5 800 rpm. This motor works with a reconfigured eight-band automatic. There is an all-wheel-drive system, the settings of which have also been adjusted. From a place to a hundred M5 Competition (characteristics) is able to accelerate in 3.3 seconds (-0.1), and the bar at 200 km/h on the speedometer car takes 10.8 seconds from the start (-0.3). The maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h, but the “collar” can be weakened to 305 km / h with the optional M Driver’s package. As part of the chassis, the Bavarians decided to abandon the use of rubber-metal hinges in front, using stiffer ball joints instead of them, and slightly increased the camber angle and applied stiffer stabilizer mounts. In the rear suspension of the car was installed a thicker stabilizer, while the rigidity of springs in a circle was increased by 10%, and the shock absorbers were reconfigured. Compared with the source, the ground clearance here was reduced by 7 mm. All these improvements are designed to make the management of the sedan more accurate and responsive. As part of the adaptation of the model to European economies, the four-door was additionally equipped with a particulate filter, while the new exhaust system should please with more loud and aggressive sound.

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