Rumors about the revival of the big coupe BMW 8-Series are no longer rumors – the Bavarian automaker released an official teaser for a new model, a pre-production version of which will be presented May 26, 2017 at an automobile elegance competition in the Villa d’Este.
Sales of the new BMW 8-Series Coupe will begin in 2018, and a year later version appears in the back of a convertible. While car confirmed only six and eight-cylinder engines, but further not excluded to modify the appearance and V12 masthead embodiment M8.
At the moment, we know that the basis of the BMW 8-Series modular platform beds CLAR, which is already used on the models of the fifth and seventh series. In the line of products “eight” will be positioned between the flagship sedan 7-Series and the two-door Rolls-Royce Wraith and Dawn.
Output 8-Series is designed to strengthen the market position of the brand in the luxury segment and compete with the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, as well as its “charged” modification of AMG division. It is expected that the price of new items will be at least EUR 150 000