AvtoVAZ showed a prototype racing Lada Vesta WTCC

As promised, the company on MMAS 2014 AvtoVAZ has presented not only a concept version of the new Civil sedan Lada Vesta, but its prototype racing options for participation in the championship WTCC. Now the world championship racing touring exhibits domestic automakers racing cars based on the Lada Granta, one of the main problems is, the competition is too short wheelbase. Lada Vesta WTCC devoid of this shortcoming, so the company plans from the first season with a new model of a fight rivals in the battle for points and podiums. And the debut models in the races will take place in 2015, ie, much earlier than the production version will be Vesta, which is slated for the fall of 2015. Specifications racing Lada Vesta is not specified. We only know that it has to develop the engine of 500 hp, and the first tests are scheduled for the beginning of the 2015 change in body color from red to yellow is due to the change of the key sponsors with “Lukoil” to “Rosneft”. The photo shows what looks Lada Vesta WTCC acquired advanced aerodynamic body kit with extended wings, front spoiler, large rear wing and diffuser. Saloon car is classified.

foto-vesta-wtcc_03 foto-vesta-wtcc_02 foto-vesta-wtcc_01

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