The new head of AvtoVAZ was Iv Karakatzanis – the ex-head of the Romanian brand Dacia. Alliance Rostec Auto BV, which is the main shareholder of the Togliatti auto giant, decided to approve it for this position. Karakatzanis will become president of the Togliatti auto giant from June 1, 2018, while the current head of the company, Nicolas More, went on to increase. He will take the position of Senior Vice President of Renault in Eurasia while retaining the post of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of AvtoVAZ. Yves Karakatzanis was born in 1964 and started working in Reno in 1992. First, he worked in the logistics department, but then went on to increase, having worked as an industrial vice president of the Eurasia region and as vice president of the supply chain. In 2016, Mr .. Yves led Dacia, succeeding at the post of Nicolas Mor, who moved to Togliatti. Being the president of the Romanian brand, Karakatzanis was responsible for both commercial and production activities of the manufacturer. It is expected that the change of leader will not affect the development strategy of AvtoVAZ. The company plans to continue its work on optimizing costs and gradually expanding the range.