To use the car in cold weather motorists always have to come up with any solutions other than a long pre-heating of the motor, during which had a long time to freeze.
As a way of keeping warm, “craftsmen” use sheets of felt, wool or cotton blankets, cardboard and other materials from time to time flashed and, in truth, were not as effective as it would like to machine owners.
Recently there have been a variety of high-tech solutions preheat the problem: system of remote or automatic switching engine, electric or stand-alone heaters and so forth.
With these advanced and expensive means of new materials that can be effectively and safely used as a simple method of heat preservation in the internal combustion engine in the form of a special insulation engine compartment have been developed – car covers.

What Auto blanket and why use it?

Auto blanket is the insulation that covers the engine (to be exact – the engine compartment together with the radiator, battery and other units and mechanisms in the engine compartment) at the top in order to prevent its rapid cooling during the cold season.

The internal combustion engine – this is perhaps the most sensitive unit with respect to changes in external conditions: temperature, humidity, etc., which is reflected in its modes of operation. Most other units and mechanisms largely depend on the work of the engine. Therefore, the creation of optimal conditions for its operation is an important factor to extend the life of the majority of structural elements of the machine.

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For the manufacture of engine materials used, thermal expansion coefficient which is different and in a fairly wide range. The calculation takes into account all units of the engine operating mode temperature (80-95 degrees Celsius). While the engine is warming up, the wear of all its units and parts seriously increases. Naturally, the lower the temperature at which the engine is started, the more it will deteriorate all parts.

At the same time, aluminum components are melted in mineral engine oils – generated wastes, and on surfaces – varnish deposits, sludge and varnish formation. The exhaust gases of nitrogen oxide will be much larger, and on the walls of the cylinder block and pistons details of the processes of corrosion deterioration will intensify due to the condensation of water and various acids.

Therefore, if possible, to avoid starting the internal combustion engine at low temperatures and to use various aids, some of which are Auto blanket.

Types Auto blanket

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At the heart of any such products are materials with low thermal conductivity value. Currently, the following heaters are used:

– Felt (holds heat well, but in terms of fire safety to it may be questions);
– Fiberglass (inexpensive material that is not bad retains heat);
– Mullite materials (fibers modern aluminum oxide and silicon differ chemical and thermal resistance).

Thermal insulation materials are placed in the outer coating of fabrics, which are particularly resistant to heat and fire. Often applied on their shell mirror film which reflects heat. special synthetic particularly strong thread used for the firmware.

In developing these, at first glance, a rather simple products, allows for the possibility of emergency situations in which the temperature may increase significantly. Although when the engine temperature in the engine compartment rarely rises above + 100 ° C

Materials of construction for Auto blanket, for much greater heating. For example, batts impregnated withstand + 300 degrees celsius Auto blanket glass wool can be operated at a temperature of 700-800 ° C +, and maintained advanced + 1200-1300 degrees Celsius.

The main advantages of Auto blanket

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Auto blanket heat preservation problem is solved in part by insulation hood and metal body parts, technological holes and slots. There are a number of advantages of these products, which cause their high popularity:

– With Auto blanket save up to 20% less fuel per month during the cold season;
– When using Auto blanket time to warm up the engine cut in half;
– When the frost to – 20 degrees Celsius Auto blanket can keep the engine warm up to five hours;
– Cold starting reduces engine wear;
– Engine compartment gets extra soundproofing;
– The stove works more efficiently in the cold season;
– On the hood of frost is not formed, which increases the service life of the paint;
– For the manufacture of Auto blanket used incombustible and safe materials;
– Auto blanket set for a few minutes;
– The materials of which are made of chemically resistant Auto blanket to acids, alkalis, oils and hydrocarbons;
– Auto blanket do not emit toxic substances and are completely harmless even when heated;
– Term Auto blanket service is not particularly limited.

Among the shortcomings noted, perhaps less efficient method of heat preservation in the engine compartment and the passenger compartment, and the absence of heating the vehicle cabin in comparison to other, more expensive and more complicated devices and systems.

Rules for the choice and use of Auto blanket

To Auto blanket been really effective, it is necessary to select for this particular model. This article will take into account all the dimensions and shape of the engine compartment of the car, which will allow him the maximum quality to keep warm.

Sam Auto blanket installation process is limited by its thorough and uniform placement on the engine when you open the bonnet. It should cover all the engine compartment on top with minimal gaps and leakage. Lay it must be when the temperature drops to + 5 ° C, and can shoot with the onset of heat.

If Auto blanket laid correctly, then all will be warm engine compartment, which has a positive impact on all the nodes and car engines.