Audi showed a completely autonomous concept Aicon

The company Audi brought to the Frankfurt Motor Show a concept car Aicon, equipped with an electric power plant and a full autopilot. According to representatives of the German brand, the prototype is a kind of harbinger of personal luxury transport of the future.
The novelty, built on the stretched platform of the new Audi A8, received a futuristic exterior design and outside is a one-volume transport capsule with massive 26-inch wheels.
When you look at the luxurious Audi saloon with the 2 + 2 landing formula, the absence of traditional controls immediately flashes in the eyes – there are no pedals and steering. Both front seats can be pushed forward or backward, and also rotated by 15%.
At the same time the entire width of the front panel stretches the display of the multimedia system, the screen of which comes to the sides of the cabin. Passengers at the rear of comfort laid less, but the trunk of the model is designed for quite a respectable 660 liters.
The overall length of the Audi Aicon Concept reaches almost 5.5 meters, while its wheelbase is 3,470 mm. In terms of size, the prototype was about 10 cm longer, wider and higher than the donor “A-eight.”
The car received an active suspension with pneumatic elements, electromechanical actuators, which tighten the wheels on uneven surfaces and help to suppress rolls, as well as controlled rear wheels.
In terms of its functionality, this suspension is similar in many respects to the one used in the original sedan, while the front and rear of the Ikon has two arms. Under the floor, Audi Aicon is a flat battery pack and four electric motors (one for each wheel), which in total develops 354 hp. and 550 Nm. The capacity of the batteries is disclosed, but the concept’s reserve is 700-800 km.
In addition to the fully autonomous Aicon, Audi brought to the exhibition also the conceptual crossover Elaine, which is a slightly upgraded version of the previously presented prototype e-tron Sportback.

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