The automaker from Ingolstadt presented the limited edition supercar Audi R8 with the prefix GT, established on the basis of a coupe with the engine V10. Compared with conventional R8, GT version is lighter and more powerful. In the battle for weight reduction, the Audi engineers managed to reduce the weight of the R8 GT to 1525 kg, 220 kg less than the weigh R8 V10. To achieve this has been due to the replacement of the windshield on the lighter and the bonnet, rear bumper and side plates for doors made of carbon.
The engine in the Audi R8 GT has undergone some changes. Paired with the engine running 6-speed sequential gearbox R Tronic, transmitting traction on all wheels. Reduced weight and increased efficiency supercar power unit reduced the acceleration Audi R8 GT from zero to hundreds of 3.6 seconds, and its top speed is now up to the mark of 320 km/h.
Externally, the car boasts a stylish 19-inch alloy wheels, matt black grille radiaora, fixed rear wing, carbon fiber diffuser and LED head optics. Total production of 333 copies Audi R8 GT at a price of EUR 193,000 Jewish market in Germany, and at the time of sale model for her requested $216,400.