Audi has presented a concept in Detroit hydrogen h-tron quattro

At the auto show in Detroit 2016, the premiere of the conceptual crossover Audi h-tron quattro, received the hydrogen power plant.
Audi specialists have paid great attention to improving the aerodynamics of the concept, the dimensions of which amounted to 4880, 1930 and 1540 in length, width and height, respectively. So, the Germans abandoned the traditional side mirrors, replacing them with a rearview camera. As a result, the drag coefficient model was equal to 0.27.
Audi h-tron quattro Concept received a power plant fuel cell. It consists of 330 individual cells and has an output of 150 hp. However, the driver could also use a short time unit of lithium-ion batteries that weighs 60 kg and is located under the floor. This will maximize the value of the unit has 136 “horses” that may be relevant, such as during heavy acceleration.
The movement of conceptual crossover lead two electric motors, one located on the front axle (122 hp), and the other – on the back (190 hp). For acceleration from zero to hundreds of prototype it takes less than 7.0 seconds, and its maximum speed can reach 200 km/h.
In Audi’s claim that the only one left of hydrogen, which is stored in three tanks of pressurized to 700 bar, the concept will be able to travel about 600 kilometers. Inside, the crossover is also installed a heat pump, and on the roof – a solar battery. For the year, these cells produce 320 watts, which is enough for about 1 000 km.
The concept has also received autonomous control functions. Audi h-tron quattro “trained” to go on their own line and maneuver at speeds up to 60 km/h and is able to automatically park. It is expected that in 2017 these systems will get Audi A8 sedan next generation.
The interior concept are three large touch OLED-display and steering wheel of the car got a touch surface. Some functions of the vehicle can be controlled by gestures. Overall, the exterior and interior design trends were similar with electric Audi e-tron quatto, shown in September 2015 of Frankfurt.
It is expected that the production version of the Audi crossover hydrogen may issue in 2020.

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