Journalists from Autocar learned that Audi will no longer be developed eight-cylinder engines. According to a source publication, this decision due to the fact that the development of the next “eight” will require huge investments, which are unlikely to be repaid, while the Germans are planning to focus on the production of hybrid and all-electric power plants. Most likely, the latter developed in the Audi V8 engine will be the 4.0-liter diesel engine capacity of 435 hp (900 Nm), which is currently equipped with the “charged” SQ7 SUV. In addition to the two traditional turbines, this unit also has a supercharger with an electric drive. This solution allows you to compensate for the delay when operating in low-speed range. Adhering to a predetermined plan, Audi expects that by 2025 car brand lineup will be on 25-35% consist of hybrid and all-electric models.