Audi has introduced eROT technology, by means of which the Germans are planning to abandon the usual shock absorbers and suspension combine the machine with a recuperation system. In this case, the kinetic energy released by shock absorbers, will be converted into electrical energy, and then transferred to a special lithium-ion battery. New shock absorbers in the Audi is called “electromechanical rotary dampers.” They are connected to the 48-volt electrical system, installed on the rear axle, in which also includes a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 0.5 kWh. The “electromechanical rotary dampers” integrated gearbox and generator, through which occurs the conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy. Thus obtained can be used as energy for rotating motor (if the machine is equipped with a hybrid power plant), and to supply electrical components of the car. In theory, it turns out that as the deterioration of the road surface, such electric system will produce more energy, transferring it to the battery. The Audi already conducted a number of tests on the roads of Germany, during which it was found that eROT technology allows to obtain from 3 to 613 watts. Such a system reduces the level of harmful emissions by about 3 grams per km. Moreover, it is compact and thus its use in cars will increase the volume of the luggage compartment. Representatives of Audi claim that is eROT technology is at the prototype stage, so the timing of its appearance in the production models of the brand is unknown. For her work requires a separate 48-volt system, which, for example, is available on the “charged” Audi SQ7, submitted in March 2016.

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