At the Geneva Motor Show in 2016 the British company Arash Cars will present its new project – a 2080-strong supercar AF110 Hybrid. The press release reported that the length, width and height dimensions of the cars make up 4645, 2001 and 1165 mm, respectively, and the size of the wheelbase model is 2730 millimeters.
Arash AF110 Hybrid is built on a platform of ultra-light, consisting of 13 elements. It is made of carbon fiber and aramid. Furthermore, superpenalties obtained sandwich panel made of aluminum and composite materials.
Among the other technical characteristics of AF110 Hybrid mention deserves special hydraulic system that allows to adjust ground clearance in the range of 150 mm. In addition, the compartment equipped with gesture control system, which can be used, for example, open and close the door with the drive.
The movement Arash AF110 Hybrid resulting hybrid propulsion system. It was composed of a 6.2-liter V8 engine of the concern General Motors, which develops 900 hp and 1200 Nm, and four electric motors, each of which gives 295 “horses”, plus a set of lithium-ion batteries. Thus, the total efficiency of the installation 2080 hp and 2280 Nm of torque.
It is known that each of the electric motor works in tandem with its own dual-band transmission. Well, either the internal combustion engine is mounted in a pair with a six-speed mechanics or with sequential transmission with paddle shifters.
For acceleration from zero to hundreds of Arash AF110 Hybrid takes less than 3.0 seconds, while the second and third transfer any hundred supercar around 8.0 and 27.0 seconds. respectively. But the maximum speed is not too impressive – 325 km/h.
Arash Cars immediately release three versions of AF110 Hybrid model. The most accessible will cost about $500,000, but it plans to equip the 550-strong engine V8. But for the 2080-strong road and track modifications prompted the British about 1.57 and 1.72 million respectively.

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