Alfa Romeo Giulia – the long-awaited sedan from the Italian automaker, which replaces the model 159, out of production back in 2011. New Alfa Romeo Giulia originally planned to present back in 2012, but then the deadlines are constantly postponed. The emergence of Alfa Romeo Giulia constantly delayed – the head of the Fiat did not like the design of the model, we wanted to give up the names of the selected car. In the end, it’s all so delayed that Julia presented only in the summer of 2015, and only in the “charged” 510-strong version Quadrifoglio Verde. Although there are no official pictures Alfa Romeo Giulia usual, to judge the appearance of the sedan is quite possible for a car of low quality images. However, the design of this time a few disappoint, because even the former Alfa Romeo 159 in the background Julia looks no worse and maybe better. At the same time the company is named as competitors for its novelty premium Audi A4, the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes-benz C-Class. And in one only looks at the background Alpha rivals will not choose, as all models of the German trio of exterior design today is very good.
The same can be said about the cabin. Yes, the new Alfa Romeo Giulia stylish front panel with expanded center console to the driver, a beautiful wheel, decent materials – but there is no exclusivity, no chips, that would make no fans of the brand to choose Alpha.

Specifications. The basis of the Alfa Romeo Giulia lay a new rear-drive modular platform Giorgio, which also makes it possible to implement the scheme and all-wheel drive. About the engine range for the new Alfa Giulia manufacturer is not reported.

Configuration and price. Probably, the European sales of Alfa Romeo Giulia will start only in 2016, and prices will be announced later.

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