Atelier Fostla has prepared a refinement program for the Mercedes-AMG E63 S station wagon in the S212 body. For about 9,000 euros, German tuners offer to change the look of the model and significantly improve the performance of its engine.
The company is ready to completely cover the body of the station wagon with the name Matte Caribbean-Satin, and also to sink the car’s glass.
With regard to the technical stuffing, here experts Fostla offer to install a special chip from PP-Performance, which will increase the output of the 5.5-liter V8 biturbo engine from the original 585 hp. And 800 Nm to 700 “horses” and 1,055 Nm of torque.
This Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate can accelerate from zero to hundreds in 3.45 seconds, which is 0.15 seconds. Faster stock model. In the atelier, the electronic speed limiter was also deactivated, raising the car’s maximum speed to 310 km/h. The cost of the program is not specified.