Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Charger Hellcat is considered one of the most powerful cars in its class, but still there are people who consider the performance of these machines lack. Especially for them, studio Savage Street Cars (Houston, USA) prepared a program of improvements, can significantly increase the impact of the “charged” muscle cars. Stock versions of these models are equipped with 6.2-liter V8 rated at 707 hp (881 Nm), but tuners are able to bring out of the engine to 1500 “horses” and 1762 Nm of torque. Note that this boost program consists of five stages, so customers can choose any of the intermediate results. The total cost of improvements will cost 10 995 dollars. Unfortunately, the company has not yet disclosed the dynamics of dispersal 1500-strong Charger and Challenger, but they are definitely faster than its source. Recall that the serial version of the Charger Hellcat to accelerate from zero to hundred in 3.4 seconds is required, while its maximum speed reaches 328 km/h. In turn, the “charged” the Challenger transfer any hundred for 3.6 seconds. and can accelerate to 320 km/h.