YO-AUTO publishes photos crossover with a new design

We have previously reported that at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show IAA 2011 the Russian company YO-CAR, in addition to its unusual concept with sliding doors, will also show a five-door crossover with a new design. It seems that this is becoming a tradition – before the declassification of another new product, automakers prefer to initially distribute teasers with her silhouettes, or in separate parts. So it was with the concept of YO-mobile, as occurs with the updated YO-crossover. Today, the company revealed a few teasers, which can be judged only on the individual design elements of the car. Thus, it is clear that, unlike the previous version, Yo-crossover with a new design was another body, LED head optics with LED running lights in the front bumper, as well as other taillights. It recalls that it was Yo-crossover should be the first to stand up on the conveyor, which promised to start in the second half of 2012. Currently, e-CAR has already received more than 152,000 pre-orders for E-mobiles.

e-crossover-teaser_02 e-crossover-teaser_03 e-crossover-teaser_01

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