German bodybuilder Xenatec in close cooperation with Daimler plans to launch a two-door coupe based on the elegant limousine Maybach 57S. The car will keep wheelbase sedan and four interior and under the hood will be installed standard for all Maybach 600 hp engine V12 twin-turbo, two-ton car is capable of accelerating to 275 km/h. It is planned to build exactly one hundred Maybach 57S Coupe, the value of each of which will be not less than 650 000 euros. Externally Maybach coupe will differ not only two doors instead of four, but also shifted back to the 200 mm average racks, modified front and rear bumpers, the presence of LED lights the running light, two twin tailpipes of the exhaust system and new 20-inch wheels, which for a fee, you can will order a radius of 21 inches.

maybach-coupe-57s-by-xenatec_03-650x433 maybach-coupe-57s-by-xenatec_02-650x433 maybach-coupe-57s-by-xenatec_01-650x433