The new WTCC season will participate updated Lada Vesta TC1

In the new season on the Touring WTCC LADA drivers Russian team World Cup SPORT ROSNEFT will act on the updated cars Lada Vesta TC1, who improved suspension, chassis and steering. In addition, the team engineers plan to finalize the 380-hp turbo.
Note that the LADA SPORT ROSNEFT the first time in its history, uses a winter break in the championship for the modernization and testing of an existing car while racing Vesta tests are based both on their own team, and on the European circuit.
The vulgar years, due to changes in the technical regulations of the championship and the change range of LADA, the team specialists every time they prepare for the new season a new car on the run-in and testing is almost no time left.
Now LADA engineers entirely focused on the finalization of an existing racing Vesta TC1, and hence for the new season 2016 WTCC car will be much better prepared.


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