Workhorse Nissan NP 300, prices and equipment

Four-wheel drive Nissan NP 300 pick-up frame construction is based on the sample Navara 1998 pickup. Designed car has been very successful and popular, so with the advent of a new generation of Navara automaker decided to rename it and continue to sell under a different name. Compared with the donor, the car has undergone some minor changes. In particular, changes were headache optics and front bumper, and replace the old grille came a completely new, made in accordance with the current corporate identity.

Configuration and price Nissan NP300 (2014).

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
Base $22,400 2.5 diesel engine (133 hp) Manual (5) full
Comfort $25,100 2.5 diesel engine (133 hp) Manual (5) full
Premium $27,200 2.5 diesel engine (133 hp) Manual (5) full

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In all other Nissan NP 300 repeats the Navara pick-up of the second generation. Discreet design, simple lines of the body contours give the model belonging to the family of inexpensive workhorses. On the market Nissan NP 300 Pick-Up comes with only cabin Double Cab, but the small size of the rear doors creates some inconvenience during landing. But the car boasts a fairly large cargo platform, whose length is 1485 mm and a maximum load capacity of up to one tonne.
Furnishings Nissan NP 300, to date, been very old-fashioned, and the place in the back seat was a little – passengers, even the average growth will rest on the backs of the front seats. As the main and sole powertrain for pickup we proposed 2.5-liter diesel engine with recoil 133 hp, working together with a 5-speed manual. AWD transmission is simple enough – all wheel drive and low range of gears without axial and interaxle lock. Buyers can choose the car in one of the three complete sets. For the initial version of the Base dealers ask $22,400. It includes two airbags, ABS, remote keyless entry, and heated front seats. Surcharge $2,500 for configuration Comfort pick-up will receive air conditioning, power accessories, with engine start button, the bandwagon on the rear bumper and alloy wheels.

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