The office of the Volkswagen Group announced the start of full-scale revocable campaign in which will go to repair 43 151 Skoda cars. We are talking about the models Fabia, Octavia, Yeti, Rapid and Superb with a seven-step robot DSG, issued from 2012 to 2016. These cars due to incorrect operation of the software may be a high pressure in the hydraulic system, which in turn can cause damage to the accumulator. Because of the cracks on the body may appear to flow, and then on a combination of signal light will illuminate the instrument. Authorised dealers Skoda promise to notify owners fall under the review of cars, but motorists can not wait for a letter or a call and to familiarize themselves with the list of VIN-numbers potentially faulty vehicles in site. Owners of defective Skoda will call the nearest service center brand, which will be produced by a software upgrade to the gearbox control unit. This procedure takes less than an hour. If the inspection of cars by a service center find a crack in the accumulator, the latter will be replaced by a new one. All the work of the service shares will be made free of charge. However, VW announced the recall of cars and Citroen companies. The French will withdraw 339 sedans C4, sold on the market since June 2016 and February 2017. According, these sedans found discrepancy daylight requirements of current legislation. In order to eliminate the lack of the machines free replacement headlamps.