Withdraw more than 3 thousand Ford Mondeo cars

Ford Motor Company will hold just two service campaign, as part of which will be withdrawn by 3081 Mondeo family cars. Under the first action got 2 309 vehicles produced from 1 July to 11 December, 2014. Note that these machines will withdraw because of the possible occurrence of a situation where the absence of a control signal in combination with the failure of the software could lead to shut down of headlights. In this case, the re-activation of headlights driver must perform a series of off/switching on the ignition. The second service campaign will affect the 772 cars that will be sent in for repair due to a faulty sensor light. These machines electronics may not be possible “tunnel mode”, and turn off the headlights. To turn the lights need to turn off the automatic mode. The elimination of these faults will be engaged in official dealers Ford.


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